Let Them Eat Cylinders

                        Let Them Eat Suet

Birds love our Suet Dough Cylinders; they're bigger and last longer than traditional suet cakes.

Our Suet Dough Cylinders are bigger, last longer and are a great way to offer your favorite clinging and perching birds a high-energy treat.

Suet is loaded with fat and is a helpful dietary addition for birds that normally spend a lot of energy searching for hard-to-find insects.


                                    Daily Savings Club Members Only 

                                                        FREE Suet Dough Cylinder
                                            With Purchase of 3 Suet Dough Cylinders*

                                                       *For DSC members only.



Valid only at the Las Cruces Wild Birds Unlimited. One discount per purchase. Offer not valid on previous purchases or sale items.

Offer valid in-store only. While supplies last.

Offer valid thru 7/31/21
Wild Birds Unlimited
2001 E. Lohman Avenue
Las Cruces, NM 88001