Nature Happenings - November

  • Project Feeder Watch starts and extends until April,

  • Add a heater to your bird bath as temperatures begin to dip below freezing.

  • Most of the Fall migration "ends." Present birds will remain in the area for winter.
  • Yellow-rumped, Orange-crowned, Townsends and Black Throated Gray Warblers present throughout the region. Keep your mealworm feeders full.

  • Goldfinch numbers increasing at feeders as weather cools.

  • Eastern Vagrants appear during November; some will winter

  • Leonid meteor shower is mid-month.

  • Keep a hummingbird feeder up until you haven't had a Hummingbird for 2 weeks. 

  • Watch for White-crowned Sparrows, Juncos, Northern Flickers, Juniper Titmice and Scrub Jays. 

  • Festival of the Cranes is 12/6-12/9 at Bosque del Apache in New Mexico.