Quail Fun Facts

Groups of Quail are called Coveys.
Gather together in the fall and winter
Coveys may consist of different families, adults, and mature young from past breeding seasons.
There is safety in numbers.
They gather warmth from each other.
Separate in spring to start forming breeding pairs.

When coveys are foraging or drinking a member, or a few, will stand guard.
Guards will stand at elevated positions where they may see danger approaching.

Calls in early morning to locate other covey members that slept farther away back to the group.
Different calls may mean different things such at: Alarm, Everyone together, Where are you?

Quail are typically monogamous throughout their lives.
Male will perform and display:
Head bobbing
Bowing and fanning out Tail feathers
Showing bright red crown and plume
Standing tall and showing dark under belly

Female will pick a nest sight
Creates a bowl like shape indentation lined with grass, twigs, leaves and feathers.
Egg clutch consists of 5-15 eggs (10 average).
Eggs are buff white with brown marks (speckling).
Incubation period lasts 21-31 days.
Quail may have 1-2 broods per nesting season.

Quail Chicks are precocial
When hatched they have feathery down, eyes open and are able to venture out of the nest with parents immediately.
Quail chicks forage with their parents and learn from example by watching what their parents eat.
Chicks are able to eat seed right away
A chick becomes a juvenile at 30 days old and these juveniles are about the same size as their parents.